You are currently viewing What I Don’t Like About You #TNNS272

What I Don’t Like About You #TNNS272

What I Don't Like About You #TNNS272

Technical difficulties aside, we have a great show for the listeners. Jaye Smooth brings a guest who thinks Jaye Smooth is the beginning and the end of the show. He is the most important person on the show. Basically one level below superstar. Jaye Smooth eats this up but can’t help but throw the guest under the bus about being from Haiti. This whole time we thought that Jaye only showed out for female guests…Turns out, he shows out for anyone new.

I got tricked into watching another reality tv show. This time it was about surveillance. Now I am running around worried about security. What else can we do besides two factor authentication and thumb prints to unlock our phones? Do you also place a piece of tape over your webcam?

Jaye Smooth struggles to get us through another one of his topics. He wants to know how we feel about little things in a relationship?!? What? We end up talking about things that people do to bother us.

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