Don’t Fall In Love With Your Teacher #TNNS326

Episode #326

Jaye Smooth wants to do a "for the D/P challenge". What? If you don’t get your grown self off of the microphone. Next we unpack mine and Jaye Smooth’s origin story. It turns out he may have tricked a girl into meeting me so that he could get credit for hooking me up with her. Weird!

Jamie Mack wants to know how mad we would be if our son had sex with his teacher. Double standards come up when O Dubb asks whether or not our reaction would be the same if it were our daughter. I don’t want either of my kids having sex with a teacher. There is just too much going on in those scenarios. Young minds are already bendable and squeezey like play-dough. Now I have to coach my kid back from a love lost relationship with a teacher authority figure. No thanks.

French Reggy is sick and tired of all of these distractions. He is certain that the government is planting situations around the country to herd us together into a fake sense of togetherness. Want to get rid of guns? Have a mass shooting. Did Reggy eat the red or blue pill?...


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