Don’t Develop Feelings When You Cheat #TNNS292

Don't Develop Feelings When You Cheat #TNNS292

Jamie Mack wants to discuss Bill Maher and his recent comments about being in the "house". I’m sure everyone has an opinion on this topic and far be it for Mack to leave a topic like this alone. Our guest, Misty Flu may be the only person who didn’t know what happened. Well did you hear about Kathy Griffin and Rhianna this week? Yeah, I know we don’t usually address so much current event type material. But this week was full of the drama. We had to touch briefly on it.

Finally, we get to Jamie Mack’s true topic which is his love for a peeing pedophile. Even though he rebukes R. Kelly’s behavior, he loves his music. He really wants to go to the upcoming concert but is worried that his support for Kelly’s music makes him complicit in the other acts. I don’t know that I agree with any of it. In a world full of celebrities doing unfathomable things, what is a little pee?

Misty Flu has an (in)decent proposal for her marriage. All I will say is that you have to be really secure in your manhood and husband-hood to get down this way. But who are we to judge someone who has evolved past the silly constrictions of fidelity. Are we here to love and be with one person for our entire lives? Are love and sex inseparable? Could you let your wife or husband be with another? If so, what are your rules? Whatever happens, DO NOT FALL IN LOVE!

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