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Don’t Call My Wife From Prison #TNNS247

Don't Call My Wife From Prison #TNNS247

I'm not sure why but the residents that live near me think that our street is their trash can. I have to admit that the street is a little desolate. There is an area that turns into woods for about half a mile. These idiots feel like this is the perfect place to throw everything from kitchen trash to old furniture. Jamie Mack explains why this is a thing.

Jamie Mack admits to falling off of the no beef wagon. Not only did he eat red meat, he ate red meat in an all you can eat sirloin buffet. We knew it wouldn't be long. We had no idea that it would be to such large proportions. His new strategy is to eat so much that he kills off the entire cow population.

Jamie Mack had a technology ordeal last week. He switched from iOS to Android and was completely in a culture shock of sorts. He lost everything including my phone number. Jaye Smooth wouldn't help and further proved that he is jealous of my other friends.

Baylor calls in to wish us well for the holidays.

Brit-Renae joins us for No Nonsense Music Trivia

Jamie Mack wants to discuss cheating being the very worst thing that could be done to a person in a relationship. I am not so sure that cheating is the worst thing. There are far more emotionally charged things that I think have a far more lasting effect. Jaye Smooth just hates the police.

New segment. On our Tuesday show, we are starting Good With The Bad. We bring one good and one bad story or experience from our week and quickly discuss them....


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