Don’t Buy Until They Gentrify #TNNS364

Episode #364
French Reggy is back and Jaye Smooth pretends like he missed him. Then he immediately tried to rectify a Slack beef that happened during the week. Did I say resolve? I meant heighten. This guy goes on and on about Family Dollar. And if you aren’t in the Slack, you need to be.
Jamie Mack wants to argue that gentrification has gotten a bad name and that’s mostly black people’s fault. He doesn’t want to live in a neighborhood that hasn’t been gentrified. So you’re telling me that you are going to raise the property value of my house while also forcing people who can’t afford the new neighborhood out? I’m in!
French Reggy brings up hackers tapping into the system and erasing all debt. But in doing so, also lowers the value of everything. That being said, would you want to have debt erased, even if it meant the things you retained virtually meaning nothing? I kind of like the little bit of oppression that keeps me climbing higher. I am afraid that if we lose the value of material things, we also lose our drive and hunger to be better....


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