Domestic Violence’s Newest Victim – Jonathan Taylor #NNS22

Domestic Violence’s Newest Victim – Jonathan Taylor #NNS22
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I talk NCAA Tourney talk breaking down the Elite 8 games and also discussing the upcoming Final Four! That Elite had 2 really good games, 1 stinker, and possibly one of the greatest games in tourney history considering what was on the line! Is Frank Kaminsky the best player on Wisconsin? Is this Kentucky team the best college DEFENSIVE team we’ve seen?

Jonathan Taylor’s recent arrest and how this shines a totally different light on the Domestic Violence discussion as his accuser has recanted her story and herself been arrested for filing a false police report. What doe s this do for all DV victims out there? IS this something that happens more than we know? Who’s the victim in this?

What were lawmakers in Indiana thinking when they passed the “Religious Freedom Act”? How will this effect sports in Indiana? I discuss the possibilities!

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