You are currently viewing Does Your Favorite Prostitute Make You Wear A Condom? #TNNS225

Does Your Favorite Prostitute Make You Wear A Condom? #TNNS225

Does Your Favorite Prostitute Make You Wear A Condom? #TNNS225

Jaye Smooth FaceTimes in early today because he is feeling the burn of O Dubb converting his Smoothies into Dubbsters. He petitioned Jamie Mack to come and pick him up for the show but was denied. Jaye Smooth has not submitted a topic for weeks. His first week back…even on FaceTime and he has a weak topic. So we get it out of the way early.

Jaye Smooth wants to know if we would be willing to be a reporter during this hurricane season. Would we wait behind the storm and report on the wind conditions? Obviously, we all have a price. We have no shame when it comes to trading things for money.

Next Jamie Mack had an episode at a local gym. During a set of maximum intensity crunches, he got an erection. This was no ordinary erection. It wanted to be seen by all in the gym. Dumbfounded, he walks over to his wife to allow her the opportunity to bask in its glory. Instead of heading to the locker room to sort it out, he did what most heterosexual homoerotic frustrated males do…..He showed it off for the other people in the gym. Nothing like a good piss stain or Alpha Male battle to let you know you still got it. Jaye Smooth proves his value once again by having nothing to offer this topic.

O Dubb is continuing down the road of a potential singlehood. He and one of his women were laying in bed the other morning. He was awakened with the request of money. O Dubb, being a kept man, was thrown off and a little offended by this request. What working woman needs money from a man, he thought? He likens this to women being prostitutes. Any money you give a woman, in his eyes, could have been given to a prostitute for much less. I just want to know what the fascination is with condoms?...


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