Diva Cups Are Shot Glasses For Vampires #TNNS85 with guest Kit

Diva Cups Are Shot Glasses For Vampires #TNNS85 with guest Kit

Jaye Smooth opens the show talking about going to his niece's graduation. In his opinion, today's requirements to get through the first part of their life is much more difficult. Since Jaye Smooth is always late, we punish him by hijacking his topic. Somewhere along the way Jaye Smooth almost gets beat up by his niece's father for not being recognizable. We also work through Jaye’s genealogy and relationship issues.

Paying respect to roughly 50 years since the death of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. we have No Nonsense Trivia highlighting black civil rights figures.

Next Jaye Smooth wants to talk about meditation and its benefits. We sideline that for a minute to expose Kit for being a pervert and constantly hunting out guys with prints. Anyway, is meditation necessary for complete mental health? Jaye Smooth doesn’t know. But he read an article online. So it must be true. Either way, I appreciate that Jaye Smooth is trying ANYTHING to better himself.

Jaye Smooth finishes off the show talking about Diva Cups. There is a new product on the market for menstruation. The Diva Cup provides 12 hours of bloodless activity. Simply insert the diva cup and carry on with your day. At the end of the day, dump the blood and reapply. Who is game?...


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