Disassociate To Elevate #TNNS379

Episode #379

Still no Jaye Smooth and that means we dig a little deeper. Before that, we have to find out why French Reggy ran O Dubb off. It may or may not have been the gawking.

After watching All The Money In The World, we discuss J Paul Getty being labeled the richest man in the history of the world. What about Mansa Musa? Mansa was considered to be the richest man ever also. What would you do with 400 Billion in the 1300s?

Reggy wants to talk about all of humanity being slaves that do our alien creator's bidding. And then us creating Artificial Intelligence to do our work in the same vein. Jamie Mack's ears perk up at the mention of this and he goes into a full conspiracy theory rant. It doesn't even stop and centaurs or unicorns.

I want to talk about the battle that is going on in all of us that keeps us from getting ahead. Not ahead in the financial sense, but more in a spiritual sense. How can we ever become greater beings if we are stuck doing the things that society has told us is correct? Maybe being a deadbeat is required to transcend this existence....


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