Did The Condom Break? Nope!

Episode #518 I'm going back to China...stylin'...profilin'. We won't hear from Reggy until next year. He is back to revolutionize basketball and now American Football. Maybe they will give him a statue. Meanwhile, Grande is back for another episode. We thought that we were going to give French a hard time, but Grande joined right in to give him some tough love about not sexing up the natives. Will F.R. sow his royal oats in China? Will he overcome his soul tying needs? Check back in 2020.

What's better than sex? Sex when the condom breaks. What kind of man are you? The kind that stops and grabs another one? Or the kind that keeps stroking? Either way, do you need to tell her when it happens? The debate is on.

Did The Condom Break? Nope! #TNNS518


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