Denying Great, Waiting On Perfect #BOBS042

Denying Great, Waiting On Perfect #BOBS042

Denying Great, Waiting On Perfect #BOBS042
Black On Both Sides

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The first half of our show is taken up by Kunta ruining Avengers endgame. So be careful between 9 minutes and 29 minutes. The next 20 minutes he ruins Game Of Thrones. Sorry, Kunta is going rogue.

San Francisco drafted a Kaep detractor in the NFL Draft who now wants to be forgiven for his statements. However, Trump wants to encourage this young man to stay true to himself.

Bun B survived a home invasion but may not survive the “internet” calling him a snitch. Jay-Z spit a freestyle commemorating Nipsey and doing good things in your hood. The internet chose to discredit him as well. What is it that people want…exactly? Are we willing to get rid of someone doing great things because the person isn’t perfect? Who is perfect?

Hate Crime is up. Kunta thinks this administration is to blame. So of course he is ready for a 2020 Joe Biden America. He has sworn to get America back to where it was 2 and a half years ago. Make America Mediocre Again.

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