Delly Is The Difference #NNS29

Delly Is The Difference #NNS29

Delly Is The Difference #NNS29
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Today it’s all about the Cleveland Cav’s and their savior… No not LeBron, but Matthew “freaking” Dellavedova! He has single handedly changed this series. He might live on the edge of being a dirty player but he’s making a name for himself. I going to call him the Curry stopper! LeBron has been other worldly with the stats he’s put up but the Cav’s would down 3-0 if the Aussie wasn’t doing his part.

I also get in to talking about the “unwritten” rules of baseball, and how they are ruining the game. Why can only the defense showboat and celebrate great plays? I think its deeply rooted in the “good ‘ol days” mentality of “America’s Past Time”, and it’s the reason why its losing younger fans. Especially those of color form the inner cities of America. I give my thought on what they should do to fix this.

Another written(in very small print) rule of baseball is that if you sit in the stands you assume certain risk. Tonya Carpenter is still recovery in the hospital after being hit by a piece of broken bat. MLB’s stance is that its her fault for not paying better attention. Is this fair? I discuss.

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