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Delivering Pizza To The Secret Hearing

Black On Both Sides
Delivering Pizza To The Secret Hearing

Episode #63 Did you know that LeBron has a lace front? Maybe he doesn’t, but if it isn’t that please explain what you saw in Friday’s game?

The United States’ favorite ambassador to the Ukraine has decided to go on record and basically say that Trump did that S*&%…All that S*&%. He has text messages and phone calls to aid in his testimony. No one is shocked. But how much do you actually need to get this show going?

Storm the halls, you say? Who needs a security clearance when you have pizza and live Twitter? Republicans decided that they should not be kept out of a “Democratic” hearing and damn the rules…They showed up with cell phones and non-security badges to a location that requires the highest level of security and no phones. They picketed and protested delaying the hearing. They were there so long that hunger crept in. So they ordered pizza.

Can the DOJ investigate the DOJ? IF you didn’t like the findings of the Mueller Report, there may be some light at the end of your tunnel. But does it matter anymore?

At the end of the day, the fund have yet to be released to the Ukraine and we are increasing our distrust among allies…including Turkey who is currently sitting on 14 our our nukes.

Delivering Pizza To The Secret Hearing #BOBS063

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