You are currently viewing Dear John: You Can Keep The House And Everything In It #TNNS181

Dear John: You Can Keep The House And Everything In It #TNNS181

Dear John: You Can Keep The House And Everything In It #TNNS181

Breaking up is hard to do
Dating is the same all over
Beefing with the in-laws

Jamie Mack wants to talk about ending long-term relationships. Jaye Smooth denies having any real relationships and therefore is not able to offer any help to this topic. Breaking up is hard to do and I think it is best just to disappear and leave the letter. No reason to draw this thing out. Jamie Mack wants to hang around and finish out the lease…even if that means complicating the break up with “casual" sex.

Jamie Mack battles Jaye Smooth in No Nonsense Trivia about geography. This is perfect since he thinks that Guyana is in Africa.

Jaye Smooth feels like a lot of people think Atlanta is different when it comes to dating. He doesn't agree that the ratio of women to men play any part in the way people date here. I tend to agree. In my opinion, talking to a woman is the same no matter which city you live in.

Jamie Mack starts a side argument that he gets more sex than Jaye Smooth. Jaye Smooth doesn’t agree. But to be fair, he is counting maturation also.

Jaye Smooth tells us what he is looking for in a woman. I remember hearing that they need to have a strong backbone. There were a few other things he listed. But let's just wait until he at least proposes to someone before thinking too far into this.

In our listener-submitted segment, we discuss having to deal with your girlfriend’s family treating you poorly. Is this a situation that you must say something about or is it up to your girl to step up?...


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