The Day Adults Died #TNNS307

The Day Adults Died #TNNS307

Let me list for you all of the things that you learned weren’t real at some point in your life…Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Jesu…Too far? Okay, okay. Well, you get my drift. The day that was far worse than any of those days was when I realized that adults were full of crap. My whole young life, I looked up to them. I envied their vast knowledge for how the world worked. Little did I know that they were guessing their way through it. So the next time someone is explaining something to you and it seems a bit off, it probably is. Most people, especially the ones in charge, don’t have any idea what they are talking about. They are caught up in the same trial and error episode that we all are. The trick is being the most confident. People follow confident people.

Jamie Mack wants us to reveal our weirdest habits or traits. This is a stretch for me because of how perfect I am. I will give it a try. Some people wiggle their legs. Some people bite their tongue to concentrate. Some people have mouth diarrhea. Me, I just bag up and inadvertently collect something weird. Did I pique your interest? See you in the show....


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