Your Daughter Choosing A Jaye Smooth #TNNS366

Episode #366

Jaye Smooth loves it when a host doesn't show up. Jamie Mack had a mishap and couldn't make the show. So New Jaye Smooth reverts to old Jaye Smooth. One day he is going to write a check that someone will want to cash. We touch briefly on Black Panther but give up no spoilers. MAybe we will talk about it another time.

Jaye Smooth is getting closer and closer to being the dad of a teenage girl. And his topics show that. He is terrified that his daughter is going to reap what he has been sowing for all of these years. Every Valentine opportunity...Every Birthday opportunity...Jaye Smooth is on point. He gets his daughter the best gifts. He is hoping that his efforts will produce great selection skills in his daughter. He wants to know if these gifts will undo his lifetime of BS. Or if she will fall into an abyss of younger Jaye Smooth's. Hopefully, she will only look for the best in her dad.

Your new goal as a parent? Not only do you have to keep your daughter off of the pole. You also have to make sure she doesn't choose a Smooth....


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