Before We Date, I Need To Meet Your Baby Daddy #TNNS286

Before We Date, I Need To Meet Your Baby Daddy #TNNS286

How much is a single mom worth on the stock market? According to a friend of mine, not very much. She has been plagued for years with the idea that she isn't getting the pick of the litter when it comes to dating. Most guys don't seem to want to deal with a woman with kids. If there is fault, whose is it? We let the listeners comment in on this one. To summarize though...You need to raise your self-worth and I'm going to need to meet all of your kid's fathers before we commit to anything.

Jamie Mack had the privilege of seeing a pretty big sized kid and his mother kiss on the lips over the weekend. Besides turning his stomach it made him wonder if this is wrong or not. Is it a cultural thing, like Indian men that hold hands for short afternoon walks? Or daughters that nestle up with their dads for Sunday naps on the couch? Probably not. Get your mouth off of your grown a$$ kid.

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