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Darwin D**k

The No Nonsense Show Episode #647

Jaye Smooth knows no boundaries. He shows us once again how dirt-baggy his dirt baggedness is. Bringing old friends into the mix is his specialty. I cringe at this behavior, but who am I?

Meanwhile, French Reggy doesn't respect my house. Last week he let my dog out into the street. This week he put his weed out on my freshly painted bannister. Smooth pays him back by putting the pressure on French about his girlfriend...or lack thereof.

Only the strong survive, right? Jamie Mack wants to discuss the stereotype that black men are all well endowed. He stumbles upon a concept that drives the topic. Is it possible that black men really don't have bigger johnsons? And that white men have used that to disarm black men. As a result, society has done the same thing. Meanwhile, black men are stifled from excellence because they are only trying to live up to their penis supremacy?

Darwin D**k #TNNS647

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