You are currently viewing Dancing For Sex And Where Is Your Gag Reflex #TNNS67

Dancing For Sex And Where Is Your Gag Reflex #TNNS67

Jaye Smooth Starts off the show with another installment of Friendly Advice. This is the last of his spring tips for the ladies.

O Dub and Jaye Smooth have a battle of the wits in this episodes version of No Nonsense Trivia. Does someone finally get the gift card?

Jamie Mack brings dancing and sex to the table. Is there any correlation between dancing and sexual ability? Is it true that the outspoken girls are usually bad in bed? Are the shy girls are the real freaks?

Jamie Mack thinks that women see this all differently. Luckily we had some women pass by and give their opinions. Somehow, we fall into a conversation about head and gag reflexes.

Next, I want to know how our show feels about Learning something potentially damaging about your woman. Do you confront her immediately or save the indiscretion for a rainy day?

The question probably speaks more to what kind of person you are. If you hold it, maybe you were already planning on doing something behind her back. Now you have a get out of jail free card....


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