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Creep Waiting On The Kitten To Be A Cat #TNNS197

Creep Waiting On The Kitten To Be A Cat #TNNS197

Jamie Mack wants to discuss how uncomfortable he is with dudes checking out his early teenage daughter. There is no way around this. Depending on how grown your daughter looks, it may not even be the guy's fault. And you already know that guys have no chill when it comes to creep stares. In fact, we have a friend that plotted out a young chick until she grew up. Yuck! She was 13 when he started appreciating her beauty. Ten years later, he got with her.

Most R&B chicks these days can’t create a good song to save their lives. So we rate something as timeless as red lipstick…Their sex. Well, we technically haven’t had one on one, human to human sex with them outside of our minds. So we predict how good their sex would be. Think Biggie Smalls song “Dreams of Fuxing and R&B Chick”. Jamie Mack likes fighters. Jaye Smooth Likes pretty and proper. Me and O Dubb like them nasty.

The third and final item on the menu deals with swinging. What in the world do you do if one of your swing partners gets pregnant? We will pause for the lump to finish clearing your throat. Will you man up and take care of your kid? What if your wife or girlfriend is the one who gets pregnant? Chances are you won’t be making a game-time decision on that one.

One step farther, what if someone in the swing club has a disease? Shop closed for me. But listen in to hear the other opinions....


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