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Could Jesus Get Hair Lice?

The No Nonsense Show Episode #612

Jamie Mack has no idea what abuela means. And he can't let this tick thing die. But now we have morphed the convo to lice. The "historical record" states that Jesus had hair of wool. So could he get lice? There is a misconception that black people can't get lice. WRONG. Anyone can get lice and since none of us knew this, I assume you don't either. Well here is a link that gives us all the info:

The show gets really disrespectful when Mack starts talking about French Reggy's girl's booty. From here the show gets dark where Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth have a colorism seminar.

How about exotic names? Should we protect people's right to name their kid creative names? Reggy says yes.

Could Jesus Get Hair Lice? #TNNS612

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