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The No Nonsense Show Episode #580

Jamie Mack is not willing to vaccinate for Corona. Honestly, I am not either. French Reggy is just living as if the virus is not a thing. But what happens when they make taking the vaccine mandatory?Are you willing to jump off of the grid?

This episode was going to be entitled "Somebody Got Ta Die" because I am seeing a lot of our economy be torn to shreds but not much death. I guess it depends on how you look at it and if you have ever risked yourself, but in light of how much our economy and way of living has tanked, I needed to understand. Reggy brings his sister on the show to school us and care for us at the same time. She has seen the Coronavirus hover above the ground at mouth level just waiting on someone to try and stand in its spot. I am kidding about the helicopter technique, but Reggy's sister in not kidding about the severity of the virus.

Okay, okay. I will recant my sentiments. Vaccine is ready...You first!

CoronaCopter #TNNS580

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