You are currently viewing Coochie Is More Addictive Than Crack #TNNS161 with guest, O Dub

Coochie Is More Addictive Than Crack #TNNS161 with guest, O Dub

Coochie Is More Addictive Than Crack #TNNS161 with guest, O Dub

Loving your crackhead through anything
Crack vs Coochie
Masturbate to death

Dealing with a crack head may be the toughest thing in the world to do. But if that crack head is one of your kids, the increase in toughness is exponential. As hard as it is to give someone tough love, most everyone agrees that this would be a time to offer up a strong dose of toughness. Jaye Smooth is uncomfortable admitting that his daughter could ever be a drug addict. In fact, she doesn't eat candy or drink sodas.
Jamie Mack would not smoke crack with his kids, but he would smoke with Halle Berry in Jungle Fever.
O Dub compares crack to vagina.He wants to know how far Jaye Smooth would go for to close the deal. As usual Jaye Smooth lies his way through this topic. First, he was fake crying. Then he was driving cross country. Then he bought a 700 dollar plane ticket. We have no idea what really happened.
As we go around the table we agree that we would do pretty much anything for the sexual attention of a woman.
In his tireless topic search for the show, Jaye Smooth happened upon the fake article about the young man who masturbated so much that he had a heart attack. Jaye Smooth didn't even catch that this article was fake even after learning that he apparently ripped his own penis off in the process. We allow him to continue on just to see if he will ever catch it. He didn’t.
Striking up a conversation from a long time ago O Dub touches Jaye Smooth’s nerve about an ex-girlfriend. Jaye Smooth gets super salty when O Dub professes his love for Jaye Smooth’s ex on the show....


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