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Coochie Close-up

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Coochie Close-up

The No Nonsense Show Episode #653

We are festive this week. Unless you are a Scrooge or an Atheist, you are preparing for Christmas. We celebrate by giving you less shows, but more show. Smooth is back even though he didn’t quarantine for the required full 14 days.

I know what I want for Christmas…The chance to finally meet French Reggy’s girl. I almost got my wish. I met her, but the circumstances were far from expected. French had a sexual mishap and decided that the best time to introduce us all to his woman was in the midst of a tumultuous discovery or vanishing, if you will. And yes, I know the title is not correct english.

Next up is Jamie Mack and his relentless pursuit to come out to us all. Week after week he is positioning himself to be the ally among us. He wants us to ponder our acceptance for transgressions. Can we see the universe in its full potential if we don’t suspend judgement and belief? Probably not. Well, surely not if you are Smooth. He recently followed a trans woman around in the mall so he knows he isn’t into them.

Lastly, where does it all go? Many, many pounds of doo doo is deposited in the water treatment system each year. We can’t clean all of it. Jamie Mack wants to know where it all goes.

Coochie Close-up #TNNS653

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