You are currently viewing Confucius Say, He Who Busts Last In A DP Will Be Sticky #TNNS119 with guest O Dubb

Confucius Say, He Who Busts Last In A DP Will Be Sticky #TNNS119 with guest O Dubb

Oral Instruction
Interest in porn
Double Penetration

Jaye Smooth found the link of the woman who gives instructional videos for oral sex. We discuss how willing we are to be a guinea pig. This woman is a machine. you have to see this to understand what it is. I once allowed a woman to practice Kama Sutra on me and paid the cost. Luckily this woman was petite. O Dubb was not so lucky. He tried this with a young hippopotamus. None for me, thanks.

O Dubb describes a woman that he literally F’d the S out of. Try to guess whether or not he stopped going.

Jaye Smooth and O Dubb battle in No Nonsense Trivia.

Next, we talk about porn. Jaye Smooth claims that he doesn't watch any porn. So we found a video of some of the kinkiest things that porn stars have done. They go into detail about the things they feel funny about doing. Will this pique Smooth’s interest? Not sure. Well, maybe. Nah, he went back in his shell. We give him homework to find three videos of things he has never done sexually before and then come back next week and give us a report on it.

Throughout the conversation, we uncover that O Dubb would accept 40k to be part of a double penetration scene. Double Penetration Rule #1 you must come first. There is nothing worse than having to finish in sticky place.

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