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Conceited Not Conceded

Black On Both Sides
Conceited Not Conceded

Black On Both Sides Episode #105

Unless you take into account how Trump will not concede, keeping Biden out of the security briefings; and COIVD-19 unleashing an new hellfire campaign…This was a really fun episode. We had a blast talking about Verzuz and Dentists and Music, and actors, etc.

But…you sort of have to consider that Trump has decided to fight tooth and nail to prove that the Dems stole the election. Even though, there is pretty much no chance he can win, he assures us he will not go quietly. One of the consequences of this is that Biden gets no intel. Biden has to sit outside of the doors hearing brief whispers of Russia and the Middle East. Meanwhile, Trump nods off inside.

And do you remember that the world is in Pandemic mode? Trump supporters didn’t when they showed up downtown in D.C. for a rally to make sure people know who they love. Masks were not only optional, they were frowned upon.

If you live in GA, listen up. Kunta has a message and an explanation as to why your vote for the Senate run-off is of the utmost importance.

Conceited Not Conceded #BOBS105

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