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Common In The Culture

The No Nonsense Show Episode #663

I had an attempt on my ghetto card. Someone tried to tell me that Tre is a common nickname for someone that is the 3rd of their birth name. For instance, Ronald Clark III would be nicknamed Tre. I have never heard of this. I don’t know anyone named Tre for this reason. Tre is short for Tremaine. This person flamed up at an Asian for not knowing Tre meant 3 and then told me that Tre being the third is common in the culture.

Sometimes you end up agreeing with Trump. So where do you sit when that happens? You can’t sit with the liberals. And no one with any sense wants to sit with the MAGAs. Now that he is no longer president, can we go back to just not giving him so much credit and attention?

Speaking of building a wall, a new wall is going up. French Reggy will not like this…I hate to be the one to tell him. What the hell is wrong with that island?

Jamie Mack is surrounding himself with conspiracy theorists. Man-hating conspiracy theorists that have given up on men. Guess who wants a shot at her? Yep…he’s back and COVID free.

Can a person raised from a household of love and respect mesh with a person raised on pain and survival? Opposites attract would need to be real. PTSD may end this one.

French Reggy and Jamie Mack have been using their Premium show to go back on the discussions we have on the main show. I am not going to sit idly by and let them smile in my face. At the same time, I didn’t want to talk about meditation again. But they made me do it.

Common In The Culture #TNNS663

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