Why Are Your Comic Book Pages Stuck Together? #TNNS290

Why Are Your Comic Book Pages Stuck Together? #TNNS290

French Reggy had maids in the house growing up. I think he is about 5% less Haitian now that we know he had a maid doing his laundry. Anyway, fan favorite French Reggy is back in the studio providing the young but not dumb perspective. But why am I writing about this? Jamie Mack wants to talk about what would happen if the internet shutdown. This actually happened in Egypt during the most recent coup. If I remember correctly, Facebook got shut down because the rebels were communicating that way. If they can flip a switch in Egypt, you know they have contingencies in place for us. Jamie Mack is surprised that the internet we know and love is not available everywhere.

Tonight it is my turn to ADHD the show. I want to talk about nerds and lack of sex, god not loving beggars, and how God feels when you pray. I mean let’s be serious do you really believe that guys who read comics and watched anime get women? My cohosts do. I refuse to believe that. I picture that teenage kid who can’t get his comics open because of all of the dried fap juice holding them together.

Does your wife have to let you know before going out and getting a boob job? What about a tattoo? Does your significant other need to run any drastic change by you first? I think it is important in any relationship to have open communication. Especially when the communiqué is in reference to rhinoplasty. In fact, anytime you make a permanent change, I should be included.

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