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Come To My Money Making Seminar And You Can Drive A Bentley Too! #TNNS56

Jamie Mack speaks about people who need to kill themselves. On the list? People who don’t secure things on the back of their truck and then jump on the highway. Also added to the list is all of the people saying that Chris Paul is sexist for saying that the rookie referee who gave him a technical foul may not be right for the NBA. Oh yeah, we can’t forget Jaye Smooth. He is definitely on Jamie Mack’s list.

Are the people who are accusing CP of sexism actually being the sexist ones? If he meant nothing by the comment and they read into it that it was sexist, maybe they are the sexist ones.

Next, Jaye Smooth and our guest Duke battle in No Nonsense Trivia. This week they battle for a $15 Subway gift card.

Jaye Smooth wants to discuss dating single mothers. How many kids is too many? Or is it a matter of how many baby daddies there are in the picture? Once you are dating them, what are the rules and regulations for dealing with the kids? Beyond that, does a woman having kids mean she is lazy or driven? Does not having kids mean you are selfish and un-driven or the opposite?

B Honest tells the story of being tricked into showing up at one of his friend’s houses for a promotional meetup to be inducted into a multi-level marketing company. Is it possible to make any money with one of these companies? Should B Honest have been offended by being asked to show up? Jaye Smooth chimes in that MLMs are not bad. He opines that it really depends on how much work a person is willing to invest.

Is this the new American Dream or a load of crap? When you finish listening to our rant, please email us at the show to tell us how you feel....


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