Collecting Change To Make A Billion

Collecting Change To Make A Billion
The No Nonsense Show

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Episode #517 French Reggy is here for one week only. The next time we record, he will be back in China. We have to give him some hell before sending him off. Our old friend Grande visits the show this week and sheds some American-Haitian light on the show. All these years I have known him, I didn’t know he was of Haitian decent. He and French Reggy fight to find common ground in their cut and uncut differences.

Lets talk Jay-Z. Whether you think he did a good move or a bad one, you have to respect that he has done some good in the hood. All of the people he has paid legal services for. All of the contributions he has made to You-name-it charity. Not to mention all those number one albums. We cant pretend that he deserves no respect. So when he moves, why cant we believe in his moves? Has he not earned that from us?

Maybe it is because he told others not to move with the NFL just a year ago. Maybe it is because we dont believe that he can affect change. I mean whats a billion to 10 billion? No matter which room he walks into, there will be billionaires. And these billionaires have multi in front of their billion. Is he up to the challenge? Or will the fact that he had to check his couch for loose change to equal a billion be his new sonning moment?

Collecting Change To Make A Billion #TNNS517

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