You are currently viewing Child Support And Parenting End When You Turn 18 #TNNS189

Child Support And Parenting End When You Turn 18 #TNNS189

Child Support And Parenting End When You Turn 18 #TNNS189

Once your kid graduates, what are your responsibilities moving forward? Jaye Smooth feels like this is the end of his time as a dad. Me and Mack both feel like this process never ends. In fact, we both still get advice from our parents. Plus I still mentor Jaye Smooth on a daily basis. When it comes down to it, it seems like Jaye Smooth was just looking for us to condone him having an internal party now that his child support is finished. He plans on not parenting at all now that his oldest kid has turned 18 and graduated.

Next, we talk about what rules change if our kid stays in the house after graduation. Jaye Smooth feels like his son can bring women by. His daughter has to wait until she is 50 before she can have company. This includes if she moves out and comes back for an overnight visit from her and her husband.

Next, we talk about not following through on punishments. Little do our children know that having to inflict and enforce punishment is stressful for the torturer also. It is hard work beating a kid’s hind-parts. I would much rather just forget about it and take a nap. Jaye Smooth claims to be all for beatings. He has recently threatened his daughter that if she doesn't start remembering the things he is telling her, she will start getting spankings.

I think that we were disenfranchised as young people and now we have trained our kids without knowing it, to be revolutionaries. All kids these days have no faith in the system and we have become the system. So they have stopped listening to us as well. Spankings, punishments, etc will no longer work.

Last we talk about whether or not a woman should go to jail for falsely accusing a man of rape. Do we even need to go into detail about this one? I don’t know many men that would side with the woman. We may not want her to go to jail but we do come up with alternate ideas for what punishment the woman should get....


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