You are currently viewing Chicks That Claim Celibacy But Still Masturbate #TNNS202

Chicks That Claim Celibacy But Still Masturbate #TNNS202

Chicks That Claim Celibacy But Still Masturbate #TNNS202

We start the show off with a belated birthday shout out to Jaye Smooth. A few listeners from the Slack Room called in and left voicemails.

Jamie Mack wants to know how you choose between two awful choices. Almost impossible, right? Before we really get to discuss this, Jaye Smooth carries us off into his slack room crushes. And what to do when your vagina hole closes up like an unused earring hole. Watch your DM’s. Jaye Smooth really hates when women tell him that they are celibate but then use every sex toy in the store. Go cold turkey if you are real.

Next, we finally get to one of our listener topics about being with a woman whose religion you do not respect. Is this possible? It is really hard to respect someone who believes in a man that hides behind the clouds and punishes you for not loving him. Oh well. Is it okay to pretend you respect your woman’s religion until you guys get married and then force her to become a blasphemer or lose you?

I can’t pass up the opportunity to make fun of Jaye Smooth and the like that are still worshiping a god given to them by the slave masters. I mean, how many times do you have to get smacked in the face by religion to stop going for the game? The jig is up.

Lastly, Jaye Smooth wants to further enhance his chances of getting to heaven by talking about a woman that gives head but has a cleft palate. As a continuance, Jamie Mack is willing to hit almost anything This episode doesn’t change anything....


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