Cheating With You On The Phone #TNNS476

Episode #476

What's better than a 3 legged stool? My wife stopping by. Smooth had to miss, but Kit is on deck.

We begin the show doing our best to expose the university system and how they are just creating courses of study. Our youngest daughter was gently pushed into changing her major to one very similar to French Reginald's. If you are a parent, pay close attention. Your student could be getting the wrong advice.

Speaking of blacking out, Jamie Mack wants to know if we can be provoked to violence. I laugh because we all know Kit has black out potential. Somewhere in Brooklyn, the new gentrifying residents are glad Kit moved to the south.

If you piss your girl off, does she have the right to go cheat? What if you call to apologize and she answers but seems really preoccupied? Is all fair in love and war? Even if she is actively having sex? How about if she films it and releases it on a site?


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