You are currently viewing They Could Charge More For Abortions #TNNS270

They Could Charge More For Abortions #TNNS270

They Could Charge More For Abortions #TNNS270

Jaye Smooth attacks before we can. He already knows that we are going to give him hell about last week’s 30-minute motivational diarrhea. He tries to play the bully card once again. That doesn’t stop us. We plan to prevent Jaye Smooth from ever hijacking the show in this manner again. Look forward to many more speeches from Jaye Smooth…Just not on this network.

Jamie Mack wants to know what is good and bad about being black. And we are not just talking about dancing and having big sex organs. We mean the other stuff. No wait, that's pretty much what we mean.

Jaye Smooth and Jamie Mack battle in No Nonsense Trivia.

Jaye Smooth finds an article online that proposes that men get fined for masturbating and have to pass a recall fingering for Viagra prescriptions.  Turns out this article is fringe and so is Jaye SMooth’s mental state. Although this is his topic, Jaye Smooth cuts out on us. Me and Jamie Mack try to save it. We end up just taking the conversation elsewhere: Jaye Smooth’s inability to pick topics, Flat Earth Theory, Quantum Theory, and How abortions could be much more expensive and still be a value.

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