You are currently viewing Changing Your Number Instead Of Breaking Up #TNNS216

Changing Your Number Instead Of Breaking Up #TNNS216

Changing Your Number Instead Of Breaking Up #TNNS216

Jamie Mack calls Jaye Smooth out for the way he speaks to his mom. Not in a bad way…Jaye Smooth calls his mother baby girl, love, or mother love. I’m not sure if this is an issue, but it is a little different. Hey man, all we need is love; Love makes the world go round, or any other song title that fits.

Jamie Mack wants to talk about hood mentality. What are the pros and cons? Jamie has gone back on his no guns policy and purchased a pistol for his wife. I am so far away from the hood. I bought my wife an all-electric car. No more gas, but where in the hood do they do that? Nowhere. Jaye Smooth has been away from the hood for a long time. He has already admitted to snitching on his son if need be.

Jays Smooth wants to bring up another marriage topic. Is he trying to tell us all something? Is he finally willing to retire his golden condom? I don’t have an answer for you. But, he does want to talk about how you cut off the chicks on the side. After narrowing it down to one woman, what is the process to get rid of the stragglers? You could just change your number and break up with them like that. At least you wouldn't have to see them be mad at you....


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