Changing For A Chick #TNNS405

Episode #405
Jay Smooth is ready to finally be the host that he was supposed to be from the beginning. He has met a new woman that wants to read books together. He has already ordered the book. And he plans to invest as much time as needed to get what he wants out of the relationship. But wait, he doesn’t stop there. He drops dimes on himself for the first half of the show. You would think that this would repel women like bug spray. It doesn’t. We have a new Smoothie in the slack and this has given Smooth the courage to let it all out.
Jamie Mack is confused at why people these days like to see violence. The stabbing of the "mistake in identity kid", to Suge driving over a guy, Mack is not here to see it. Young Reggy has seen it all and it doesn’t bother him at all. So now we ask, how do you react to this? Will you put yourself on the line for the chance of saving a person getting shanked?...


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