Why Would A Celebrity Ever Need To Take Sex? #TNNS328

Episode #328

No Smooth anywhere in sight. Sorry, smoothies. One of us will mention the P word just to make you feel comfortable. Seriously, Jamie Mack wants to know what is worse: The act of being cheated on or the cover up after being cheated on? I personally don’t see much of a difference. If you have already cheated, it can’t get much worse.

Next we go to our FaceBook timeline and discuss a post about how we perceive celebrity rape. Is it true that most people take the side of the celebrity when accused of rape. It is very easy to take the side of the person you know until more facts come out. It is amazing that all of these celebrities continue to get into trouble with this. It would seem that they have the pick of the litter. This is why it is so easy to take their side.

Last on the docket is gun control. Does this recent Vegas massacre feed into the gun control agenda? How do you feel about owning guns? I personally need my gun. I don’t plan on shooting anyone. But just because I don't plan on it doesn’t mean I may not need it....


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