Catching Crabs From A Sex Robot #TNNS374

Episode #374

French Reggy is back without the anger. He wants to discuss technosexuality. We let the youngster open the show and this is what he comes up with. Anyway, sex robots are so 2017. These days everyone is falling in love with their machinery. This era has led to many forms of sexuality. Who is to say you can't love your TV or your shoes? So maybe French isn't willing to have sex with his dryer, but he is willing to sex a robot. I guess he is willing to do anything to get past 20 bodies. The robots these days are looking more and more like strippers. ANd we all know what comes with strippers...venereal diseases. Before long you may even be able to catch crabs from a sex robot.

Oh, and Jaye Smooth gets mad about the reason he has sleep apnea....


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