You Can’t Get Shot If You Skip School #TNNS367

Episode #367

Further evidence that Jaye Smooth is petrified of his daughter coming of age? Yet another topic about kids doing wrong. He visited one of Atlanta's malls recently and was blown away by the young girls' outfits. I guess I should say lack thereof. Many of the young ladies are fabric deficient. He wants to know what the age threshold is for letting your daughter dress the way she chooses. I have always been pretty liberal. I believe that you teach your kids how to exist for the first years of their lives. Then you allow them to express themselves in hopes of them continuing to be proper. Both of my girls made it to 18 without any major issues. Am I lucky or did my plan work? Nonetheless, Smooth is quaking in his Lugz because his daughter is knocking on teenager-door.

Jamie Mack calls in from obscurity to tell Jaye Smooth how he really feels. He couldn't miss an entire week without talking to you guys.

We see how fat we are in African Geography. We try to list at least 10 African countries in under a minute.

Lastly, French Reggy wants to discuss how we react to gun culture. In light of another school shooting, should we begin having school shooter emergency drills where our children learn what to do when a shooter shows up? Oh goodness. Littel Johnny comes home and teaches you what he learned in school. Would you be happy with that? Or would you prefer we upgrade security? I would have never been caught up in a school shooting. I was rarely at school....


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