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Can’t Come Up With A Con

Can't Come Up With A Con

Episode #533 Jamie Mack is campaigning for all men that got a tuck job on their private parts and turned them into girl parts. Seriously though, we tried really hard to come up with cons to the newly formed organ. The pro is that you can’t get an STD from a formed vagina. What are the cons? Is it telling that Jaye Smooth was quiet throughout this convo?

Montoyis from Shoot From The Hip Show joins us along with Javaris from the Slack Room. We absolutely love when we get to speak with our friends and listeners. We want to hear from you also. Email us to make sure you get on the next show?

With decapitations and pregnant women being slain for fun, are we ready to close the border? No? Not at all? Everyone is against me on this one until I ask if it’s okay for a kid that has gotten used to seeing people hanging from a bridge walk beside their kids in the hall.

Can’t Come Up With A Con #TNNS533

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