Can’t Cheat Like I Used To #TNNS318

Can’t Cheat Like I Used To #TNNS318

Men and women have lived together on this planet for millions of years. Somehow, men have continued to get the short end of the “who pays the bills” stick. Young women are taught that they should marry up and find a man that can support her and her shoe habit. French Reggy, fresh into the courting world, finds issue with this. Is it even possible to fully support a woman if you aren’t making 6 figures?

On the other side of the relationship, Jamie Mack wants to know if there is ever a time when you are too old to cheat. Sure, when you are young cheating is easy. You can have 3 side chicks and 2 girlfriends. But as you get older it seems that your body and ability to keep up the lies diminishes. Then Jaye Smooth opened his mouth and basically said without saying that we were wrong. Here’s to the old dude with two families across town from each other.

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