Cancer Curing Sperm

Cancer Curing Sperm

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Cancer Curing Sperm

The No Nonsense Show Episode #684

Tonight, we celebrate. 46 years on this rock. The summers grow shorter and Mack wants me to drink my few prime years away. As a rule, if you are pouring the shots, you can’t touch the top of each shot glass. No Smooth on this episode. So more alcohol for the rest of us.

Did French Reggy get married to Issa Rae over the weekend? I swear our host and Issa’s husband look very similar. Him and Davido. He claims it isn’t real but plays along to obviously test the constraints of his real relationship.

We talk about how I celebrated this weekend and how Smooth prevented Reggy from being a part of it. We balled out and had planned on treating everyone to a comedy show and a visit to a Korean BBQ. Smooth figured out a way to be a “best brother” once again. Sorry Reggy.

Reggy has become uncomfortable having sex with himself. Many times these days, he sits in a puddle of sorrow once he finishes the deed. I thought it was because he is such a failure and can’t get a woman to take the place of his hand. But no. He is sad because he wasted at least one of his babies. And that baby could have been the child that saved the world. He considers that Lebron’s dad could have just as easily skeeted Lebron out on the toilet seat. So he is terrified that one of his recent ejaculations could have left the child that could cure cancer on the bottom rim of the toilet bowl.

Cancer Curing Sperm #TNNS684

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