Cancel Your Social Media So You Can Cheat #TNNS400

Episode #400

Jamie Mack swore that there was a movie I would enjoy. Fracture from 2007 was his offering. He was so impressed with this movie that he was willing to bet his credibility on its quality. This movie was bad. Not Jaye Smooth Fast & The Furious Bad. But it was really bad. It was a thriller and I figured it out within the first 20 minutes.

Jaye Smooth wants to let us know that he is sexing high level women. According to him, he has had many executive 6 figure women in his life. But he never married the because he is always looking for the upgrade.

Jamie Mack is wondering if it is okay to follow women on social media that you have had sex with in the past. What about your girl following guys she has been with? we totally disagree on this one. But it doesn't matter we get sidetracked as usual and go down the sexual rabbit hole.

In the end, I figure out that the reason why some of our hosts are just dirtbags and that is why they don't really even have social media. Honestly, in order to be a more successful cheater, you need to not have a social media account....


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