Can You Long Stroke A Midget #TNNS91 with guests Mary Jane and Ebony

Can You Long Stroke A Midget #TNNS91 with guests Mary Jane and Ebony

Sex with a midget
Women are naturally homo and bi-sexual
Gabrielle UnioGabrielleat Baby?"
Women who wait too long to give it up

We start the show off discussing the probability of us having sex with a midget. Does the probability increase if the midget is fine or has normal sex parts? Dr Ebony, our resident midget expert answers the tough questions including whether or not male midgets have normal sized fun sticks.
Next Jamie Mack takes a long shot and opines that women are more naturally homo or bisexual. He bases this on their menstrual cycles, God’s will, and the moon rotation in relation the earth. This is probably just another attempt to create the opportunity for a threesome in his life.
We talk about Gabrielle Union’s refusal to even accept that Dwayne Wade had a kid while they were together. Apparently, she doesn't even acknowledge the kids existence. Is it okay to act this way to your wife or husbands other kid? We also talk about side chicks and how it has become acceptable. Does the fact that they were broken up make a difference? Is there a grace period for other relationships to be completely cut off?
We talk about women waiting too long to have sex in a realtionship. What do we see as a comfortable time to still respect you as a person we could have a relationship with....


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