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C-ompete M-arriage B-aby

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
C-ompete M-arriage B-aby

The No Nonsense Show Episode #682

Jamie Mack is back and the show is better for it (and by better I mean that he talks over everyone else) (I mean he brings the energy). Smooth starts us off talking about how his weight loss was recorded in a group chat picture of a scale showing that someone weighed 215 pounds. Even if that were him, 215 is still obese for a man pretending to be 5’10”. And it is certainly obese for a man that is actually 5’9″.

French Reggy made it an entire year with his new relationship. Smooth discusses how he could take her from Reggy, even after a year. But seriously, Congrats on the anniversary. Too bad everything is not good in the world. We are on the heels of an incredible whirlwind in Haiti. King Kunta wanted me to check on Regg and come to find out, he is feeling the shockwaves of his country in turmoil.

Mack wants to talk about the effectiveness of Yoni eggs and Chiropractors. I don’t subscribe to either one and feel the need to offer a short PSA about the ineffectiveness of things that aren’t backed by science.

Mack thinks it is time that we start letting white people be allies to the cause. I am totally on board with that but think we should probably focus more on being competitive. Some basketball player form the WNBA received an award and decided to thank all of the black people that have sacrificed and gone unnoticed while she and the other white player get all of the shine. She plans to keep giving it up to black women and following their lead. Excellent words, and I support them. Now can we get Black Lives Matter rally to show up outside of a lower income school? We severely need to reel it all in. We HAVE to provide a strong next generation. There are no ifs, and, or buts, to it. We have a responsibility to replenish the earth with beautiful, confident, competitive, young black babies. And that doesn’t start at the ESPYs or the BLM rally. It starts at the school where our kids are learning less and slower than every other race. It starts at the alter where our moms and dads are choosing to forego marriage for the hopes of staying available or not needing a man. It starts at the planned parenthood clinics where we are being told that we need to abort our babies. CMB.

C-ompete M-arriage B-aby #TNNS682

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