Bye Bi Boyfriend #TNNS316

Bye Bi Boyfriend #TNNS316

SlackFamily guest, Butterfly joins the show. Jamie Mack brings up the Mayweather fight. He felt like somehow it turned into a racial thing. Black people celebrated when McGregor got hit and white people celebrated when Floyd got hit. That reminds me of the OJ trial. I remember people rooting for OJ even though they thought he killed the people. Regardless, they just wanted a black guy to get off.

Next Mack wants to discuss the level of respect you should have for someone else’s property. I don’t care how I treat my stuff. You do not have the right to treat my stuff that way. And in turn, I refuse to treat anyone else’s belongings that way. But seriously, have you ever gotten in someone’s car and there was trash everywhere? But then they trip when you leave a soda can when you get out. C’mon.

French Reggy thinks it is unfair that women get to have same-sex flings, but women judge men to a higher standard when it comes to men having that one experiment in college.This is one double standard that women are comfortable keeping. How is it that you are perfectly fine having a best friend that is gay, but will not even consider a man that admitted to being curious. Women are hateful, cruel, intolerant people. Unless they are leading one of today’s inclusive protest groups.

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