$BumDonations on Cash App #TNNS495

$BumDonations on Cash App #TNNS495

Episode #495

Jaye Smooth came in today wearing an interesting outfit. He really wants people to think he has fashion sense. How could we not pick this apart? Well, that and his lack of sports knowledge.

Happy Memorial Day to all of our fallen troops!

Jamie Mack celebrated the weekend by going to a club where a “dude” kicked it to his wife right in front of him. And by dude, I mean stud. And by stud I mean a woman. And she was ugly, at that. Confidence on 100.

The days of summer are here even though it isn’t yet summer. Atlanta is experiencing +90 degree weather. The panhandlers are still out regardless. What type of person brings their kid out to walk the interstate ramp begging for money? Imagine that kid having to go to school and face the ridicule you get from being a beggar.

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