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Built-in Fleshlight

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Built-in Fleshlight

The No Nonsense Show Episode #609

Jamie Mack wants to separate the circumcised from the ant eaters. There is no shame in a little extra skin. In fact, I have even heard that the sensation is better for those that have not been robbed of their leg warmer.

French Reggy has some skin in the game and brings in his recently circumcised cousin. He claims it was due to discomfort, but I think he was just doing it wrong. Either way, pre-circumcision has to be equivalent to having a lifetime fleshlight.

French Reggy wants to talk about the Epstein civil case and how the judge involved had a family tragedy. Just afterwards, the person that caused the tragedy also met an untimely fate. I don’t think that anyone is confused by how weird this case continues to be.

O Dubb joins us to catch us up on his exploits. Marriage and houses are in his near future. And it will work as long as he gets his agreed upon hall passes.

Built-In Fleshlight #TNNS609

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