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Building A Better Baby

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Building A Better Baby

The No Nonsense Show Episode #615

Jamie Mack has already broken his fast. He claims that it is due to a funeral he went to this weekend. So now he has smoked, taken edibles. Now he is heavily armed for a weed-pocalypse.

Jaye Smooth brings in a guest to talk about one of today’s topics. Reesie Cup is here to tell us why we should only have sex with certain women. In a very Nazi way, Reesie, Smooth, and Jamie Mack think we can weed out all the bad genes by making an extremely measured and acceptable mate.

We are becoming a culture of cancellation. Did you notice that no one is willing to cancel all of these rappers that promote the negative? Why do we like negative music so much? Can we ever give it up?

Building A Better Baby #TNNS615

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