Brushing up against Reggy’s Button

Brushing up against Reggy’s Button

The No Nonsense Show Episode #616

Jaye Smooth has graduated from Primerica to a new scheme. Some flower scheme has him excited to convince us all to put in 500 dollars. This is in hopes that one day in the future we are guaranteed to get 4000 dollars. 

Even thought we weren’t so sure about that scheme, when I mentioned Primerica, Smooth didn’t lose his cool. I call that growth. 

French is sensitive and now we know his button. His button becomes the impromptu topic of the show. Every time we try to move on to our topics, somebody mistakenly brushes up against his button. And his button is a hair trigger. 

Finally we get to Mack being conflicted about the message he portrays when going to work at a job he hates. What does this say to our children? Is it possible to live with dignity while potentially selling it away by the hour? Or is having a job the dignified thing to do?

Brushing up against Reggy’s Button #TNNS616

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